Service Desks

Your residence hall service desk is your one-stop shop for check-in and check-out, picking up mail and packages, grabbing a temporary key or access card, exchanging linen packets, checking out a vacuum or broom, and much more! 

Each neighborhood has at least one primary service desk, with most open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. See the list below for what primary desk is open in your hall or neighborhood. 

Brody Neighborhood

Brody Hall, 517-355-7480

Snyder/Phillips and Mason/Abbot Halls

Snyder Hall, 517-355-9500 

West Circle Halls

Landon Hall, 517-355-8713 

Akers Hall

West Akers Hall, 517-353-3358

Holmes Hall

West Holmes Hall, 517-353-6360

Hubbard Hall

North Hubbard Hall, 517-353-8469

Case Hall

North Case Hall, 517-355-7250

Holden Hall

Holden Hall, 517-353-5912

Wilson Hall

East Wilson Hall, 517-353-0300

Wonders Hall

North Wonders Hall, 517-353-2902

McDonel Hall

East McDonel Hall, 517-353-1292

Owen and Van Hoosen Halls

Owen Hall, 517-355-5068

Shaw Hall

West Shaw Hall, 517-355-9255

1855 Place Apartments   

479 Ivy Court 1805, 517-353-6952

Open 6:30 a.m. - midnight 

University Village Apartments and Family Housing at 1855 Place

1705 University Village, 517-353-3888

Open 6:30 a.m. - midnight


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