Current First Year Students Residence Hall Sign-Up

Housing Selection Process for Current First-Year Students

Residence hall sign-up for current first-year students will take place in spring 2024. We will be sharing the second-year residence hall options with students later this fall semester. Students will be able to choose their own space, and their roommate if they so desire. We plan to use an interest form for available single room spaces prior to the regular room selection process.

Current first year students cannot sign up, or be pulled into a roommate group during the fall 2023 sign-up period. 

Roommate Groups  

If you are looking to live with friends, you will create a roommate group. One student will be responsible for creating the roommate group; this person is known as the “Group Leader.” Once invited, the Group Members will be notified via MSU email. Then Group Members will go into the form to accept or deny the invitation. Please note, groups of 2 will see suite and community-style halls, and groups of 3 or more will only see open suite-style halls.  

Living Learning Communities 

  • Students in a Living-Learning Community (LLC) will have the option to select a designated space for their second year in the LLC. 
  • Designated spaces have roommate rules that must be followed in order to select a space in that community. See the chart below. 
  • LLC students will need to complete the LLC Housing Opt-In Form in order to choose space in the second-year community.
  • If an LLC student wishes to choose outside of their designated community, they do not complete the form. 

Single Room Requests 

There will be limited single-room options primarily available in Owen Hall and North Neighborhood. To provide an opportunity for everyone interested in a single room to request one, students will complete the Single Room Interest Form and we will randomly assign interested students the ability to select single spaces.   

  • Students who were selected to choose a single room will be emailed their selection times.  
  • Students who are not selected will be informed of their status via email and will then select a double room in general sign-up.  
  • Single-room rates vary by type. Current rates can be viewed on our rates webpage.

Gender Inclusive Housing

MSU has Gender Inclusive Housing floors in most neighborhoods on campus. Students will be able to indicate they want to live in a Gender Inclusive Housing space when going through the housing selection or assignment process.

Second-Year Housing Exceptions 

Students may apply for an exception in My Housing to live off campus and be released from the housing requirement. Students who qualify for an exception but want to live on campus do not have to submit an exception. Exceptions are only for required students with a desire to live off campus.  

By submitting an exception, you are requesting to be released from the live-on requirement. If your exception is approved you will no longer be required to live on campus and will not be able to sign-up in future years. This action cannot be undone.

Please make sure you've discussed this with your family and supporters, and only submit the form if you are sure you would like an exception. This decision cannot be reversed. 

Group Housing 

At this time, interested group houses (such as fraternities, sororities and co-ops) are finishing the application process to be an approved second-year housing environment for 2024-25. Once approved, houses will submit their rosters of students who should complete the individual student application in February.   




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