Housing Exceptions

In the fall of 2021, the on-campus housing requirement was extended to include a second year. This means that first-year students who start at Michigan State University after fall 2021 must live in on-campus housing for the first four semesters they are enrolled, summer term excluded. 

The list below outlines the reasons students MAY be granted an exception to live off campus. Students who qualify for an exception but want to live on campus do not have to submit an exception. Exceptions are only for required students with a desire to live off campus. 

By submitting an exception, you are requesting to be released from the live-on requirement. If your exception is approved you will no longer be required to live on campus and will not be able to sign-up in future years.

Please make sure you've discussed this with your family and supporters, and only submit the form if you are sure you would like an exception. This decision cannot be reversed.

The on-campus housing requirement is subject to pre-determined exceptions:  

  1. Married students – Must submit marriage license  

  1. Students who will be at least twenty years of age by January 1, 2024  

  1. Veterans with one or more years of active service. - Must submit service record  

  1. Students living with a family member. - Must submit a signed document from the family member 

  1. Students taking 6 or fewer credits during the semester in question. 

  1. Current first-year students who have earned 30 credits by the close of their first semester. (This would include credits earned prior to coming to Michigan State University.)

If you qualify for an exception, visit your My Housing account and click “Submit a Housing Exception.” Once you submit your exception, you will be emailed with further instructions if you are required to provide additional documentation.  

Extenuating Circumstances

If you have verifiable medical needs, extreme financial need, or other extenuating circumstances for a housing exception, please complete the exception form and you will be emailed further instructions. For medical needs, you’ll need to work with your licensed treating physician to submit required documentation.

Transfer Students 

Incoming transfer students are waived from the two-year live-on requirement for 2023-24 and do not need to complete an exception form as they will not be provided on-campus housing. If a transfer student is a current on-campus resident and would like to remain on campus for their second year at MSU, they are welcome to do so and should sign their housing contract when available.   

Group Housing 

Do not submit this form if you are attempting to live in a group housing environment like a fraternity or sorority. That is a separate approval process led by Student and Community Relations.


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