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Hubbard Hall

Hubbard Hall is known by Spartans for being the tallest building in East Lansing and for its proximity to the East Lansing community and stores. The hall is also home to a Sparty’s Café. 

Fun fact: Hubbard Hall is named after Bela Hubbard, a Detroit farmer and geologist whose proposal for an agricultural college led to the creation of MSU.

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Akers Hall

Akers Hall is known by Spartans for its completely unique, apartment-like living experience that features two-bedroom suites, a separate living/study area and a bathroom shared only by suite occupants. The hall is home to The Edge dining hall.

Fun fact: Akers Hall is named after Forest H. Akers, an MSU student from the early 1900s.

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Holmes Hall

Holmes Hall is known by Spartans for housing all classrooms, laboratories and faculty/administrative offices for the Lyman Briggs College. Touted as the largest residence hall on campus with more than 1,250 residents, Holmes Hall is the perfect place to meet other students, make new friends and be fully immersed in your education. Holmes Hall offers Lyman Briggs and Honors College living-learning options. The hall is also home to the Holmes dining hall and a Sparty’s Refresh.

Holmes Hall Location

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