Residential Student Care Process

The purpose of the Residential Student Care Process is to connect students who have experienced some type of crisis with resources that promote their health, well-being, and success as a student. When there is concern that a student may need support, minimally a member of the REHS team will check in and provide resources with the student through Care Follow-Up. If a significant incident has occurred, a full-time staff member will offer to meet with the student to review resources and to support reintegration into the community in a Care Meeting.

Purpose of Follow-Up

The purpose of Care Follow-Up is for hall staff to connect students who have experienced some type of crisis with campus resources. A wide range of services are available and include mental health and wellness, student involvement, safety, and identity-based services.

Wondering what to expect during a Care Follow-Up?

  • You may receive an email from one of our Residential Care Graduate Assistants, or a physical visit to your room from your RA, ACD/RD, or CD after you experienced issues related to mental health, physical health, academics, or relationships.   

  • Please know you are welcome to ask questions around how we receive our reports and that you are not in trouble when these visits/outreach occurs! You can disclose as little or as much as you feel is helpful.   

  • RAs do not receive any details related to your personal information.   

Purpose of Care Meeting

The purpose of a Care meeting is to not only present students with helpful resources, but to also grant students space to vocalize their needs and concerns, and for REHS staff to offer support.

Wondering if you should attend a Care Meeting? Here are some things to expect!

  • Getting to know the Residential Care team. Your meeting will occur with the Residential Student Care Coordinator or one of the two Graduate Assistants on our Care team.  
  • Discussing the situation/crisis you were involved in and disclosing only what feels comfortable for you.
  • Walking through a resource list and learning what might be a good fit for you. You are not obligated to utilize any resources.

I am thinking about attending a Care Meeting. How can I prepare?

There is nothing that you are required to do before your Care Meeting. Here are some things that it may be helpful to know before choosing if you will attend:

  • Reminder you are NOT in trouble. Care meetings only serve to address concerns and connect to resources both on and near campus.
  • Your RA, ACD/RD, CD, and the Care team are only here to support you.  
  • Consider what campus resources you might be interested in pursuing.   
  • Think about what your current concerns/stressors are and write them down to bring with you. 

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