Brody Neighborhood

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Rather Hall

Rather Hall was renovated in 2012 and is known by Spartans for its contemporary, vibrant design. The hall is home to the Charles Drew Science Enrichment Laboratory program’s living-learning community which provides academic and social support for high achieving students pursuing science and math degrees, including individuals interested in professional health and science careers.

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Emmons Hall

Emmons Hall was renovated in 2011 and is known by Spartans for its modern, high-tech architectural design, spacious lounges, a gaming center and a caucus conference room.

Fun fact: Emmons Hall is named after Lloyd C. Emmons, the dean of the School of Science and Arts.

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Bryan Hall

Bryan Hall is known by Spartans for its large, open concept living areas, renovated study spaces, project rooms and gaming areas. The hall offers an Honors College living-learning option.

Fun fact: Bryan Hall is named after Claude Bryan, dean of Veterinary Medicine in the late 1940s.

Bryan Hall Location

Butterfield Hall

Butterfield Hall was recently renovated and is known by Spartans for its new study lounges and meditation room for quiet reflection. The hall is Michigan-themed, featuring artwork of Michigan throughout.

Fun fact: Butterfield Hall is named after Kenyon Butterfield, an MSU graduate who also served as president of the university between 1924 and 1928.

Butterfield Hall Location

Bailey Hall

Bailey Hall is known by Spartans for its edgy, eclectic vibe. The hall is home to the Residential Initiative for the Study of the Environment (RISE) living-learning community and the Bailey GREENhouse. The RISE program is designed for MSU students interested in stewardship of the environment.

Fun fact: Bailey Hall is named after Liberty Hyde Bailey. A professor of agriculture and an MSU alumnae himself, Bailey planned the first horticulture laboratory building in the nation.

Bailey Hall Location

Armstrong Hall

Armstrong Hall was renovated in 2013 and is known by Spartans for its modern, airy living areas and completely redone common spaces.

Fun fact: Armstrong Hall is named after W.G. Armstrong, a former student, farmer and member of the MSU Board of Trustees.

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Brody Neighborhood

Brody Neighborhood is located on the west side of campus just north of the Red Cedar River. Brody is comprised of six residence halls that surround Brody Hall, where many of the neighborhood's common services, including Brody Square dining hall, are located.
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