First-Year Roommates at MSU

A big part of the college experience is living with a roommate! All incoming Spartans will have a roommate during their first year at Michigan State. As part of the housing assignment process, students can preference to room with a fellow Spartan or be assigned a roommate at random. 

No matter who you room with, you’ll likely be spending a lot of time with that person, so have fun getting to know each other! 

Below you will find information and answers to the commonly asked questions surrounding roommates at MSU.  

Roommate Matching

MSU has partnered with My College Roomie to offer roommate matching for incoming and current Spartans. My College Roomie is specifically tailored for Michigan State University students and is offered to Spartans free of charge. Look for an email from My College Roomie in early May to get started! 

General Roommate Information

  • All students will have a roommate during their first year at MSU. 
  • During the housing preference process, students will have the option to indicate a preferred roommate. We will do our best to fulfill your roommate preference.
    • Based on space, this may mean your preferred bathroom style cannot be fulfilled. 
  • Students have the option of indicating up to 3 preferred roommates.
    • We will do our best to fulfill a request of 3 or more roommates. However, based on space, groups of more than 2 may be split. 
    • Akers and Hubbard will be exclusively first-year halls, resulting in those two areas having the most fully open suites for groups of 4.
    • Roommate groups of 3 will most likely be placed in a Brody Triple room or a room in Akers or Hubbard.
  • If you do not have a chosen roommate by the time the housing preference form closes, the form will ask a series of questions to help us assign you a roommate. 

Creating a Roommate Group 

If you want to live with a specific roommate or suitemates, you must create a roommate group in your My Housing account at If you do not properly create and accept a roommate group, you will not be paired with your roommate. Here is what you need to do to create a roommate group: 

  1. Choose a "Group Leader" from your group of students.  Anyone in your pair or group can be the Group Leader.  
  2. Log in to your My Housing account and click on "Complete Your Roommate Group." 
  3. The Group Leader will invite one, two, or three additional students to join the group by providing their names and MSU emails. 
  4. Once invited, the Group Members will receive an email with instructions to accept or decline the invitation in their My Housing account. 
  5. All members of the roommate group must ACCEPT their invitations by June 12 in order to be a part of the Roommate Group 
    • If this is not done, you will not be placed together.

When roommate groups are split because of preference choices or LLC requirement changes, there can be confusion and frustration. We are unable to share specific reasons why the roommate group was split with other students due to privacy concerns, it is the responsibility of each student to have that conversation with their roommates. 

Common Roommate Group Issues

Seeing "The person you have selected is not valid for you at this time." when adding a student to your Roommate Group 

  • The student you are trying to add is likely part of a Living Learning Community and has roommate rules they must abide by. 





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