Roommate Swap Form

This year incoming students complete housing and roommate preferences and were assigned housing. While the overwhelming majority of roommate group and housing preferences were honored, we know a small number of students have expressed interest in changing their assignment to be with a different roommate.

We recently launched a pilot roommate swap process in My Housing with the intention of helping unite students who planned to room together. Please note, we cannot create new spaces for groups to move into. These requests must be true 1:1 swaps between two students with housing assignments. 

The following is important information about the form and how to complete it successfully:

  • All parties impacted by a room swap must be listed in the form and approve the request for the process to be complete (i.e., all roommates in both rooms).
    • Information needed includes full name, MSU email and who is going into which room.
    • Please note, no student should be pressured into a room move. Not all students are open to moving and bullying and harassment violate MSU's student rights and responsibilities. Any reports of bullying will invalidate a roommate swap.
    • Students should check and make sure a roommate swap does not displace them from their learning community or Gender Inclusive Housing before agreeing to a move.
  • All approvals should be completed within 48 hours to be processed.
  • We ask that students do not share their room number or their roommate's information unless they have agreed to a swap. This is to protect the safety and security of everyone involved in the potential swap process.
  • Swaps must be requested and approved by August 11 to be completed for move-in. The form will close on this date and no more moves will be granted.
  • Once the swap is completed, we will not be able to move the students back; students should fully explore the option before agreeing to it. 
  • Students interested in moving to a different location on campus without having someone to swap rooms with should wait for the fall’s room change waitlist process. 


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