New Student Housing Sign-Up Process

NEW FOR 2022!  

Incoming students will not be selecting their own space. Instead, students will indicate their housing and roommate preferences and be assigned a room by the Housing Assignments Office.  

We hope that this change will alleviate the stress of having to be online to select a space at a certain time, and to have to research every residence hall option to make a selection. 

Please note: We cannot guarantee all preferences will be honored, including bathroom type. While we will do our best, space is limited and we will first focus on roommates remaining together, when possible. Due to space limitations we will not be able to accommodate room changes prior to the start of the year.

Here is what you need to know:  

  • Sign your Housing Contract in your My Housing account after you have made your Advanced Enrollment Deposit. 
  • If you're under 18, your parent/guardian must also sign the contract. You will have to provide their email address for them to sign. 
  • If your contract is signed, you will be able to log into My Housing and complete your Housing and Roommate Preferences beginning Monday, May 2.  
  • Housing Contracts, Housing Preferences and Roommate Groups MUST BE SUBMITTED NO LATER THAN Friday, June 3 at 11:59 p.m. EST  
  • If you do not meet this deadline, your preferences will NOT be able to be considered.  
  • If you are in a Residential College or Living-Learning Community (LLC), you will be assigned based upon your LLC’s housing guidelines
  • Assignments will take place over June and July 2022, and be published in July 2022. 
  • There are limited housing exceptions to live off campus for first-year students, which students can request through the Student Life website
  • We have a Housing Assignment Process video that walks you through how to complete your preference forms.

Housing Preference Form  

  • Required preferences – You will be asked about your preferred bathroom style, your interest in Gender Inclusive Housing or alcohol-free housing, your dining plan choice, and if you need honors housing.  
    • We will honor any request for Gender Inclusive Housing.  
    • Alcohol-free housing may be limited based upon available space.  
    • You can change your dining plan selection up until August 26, 2022.  
  • Your preferred bathroom style may not be honored based on LLC guidelines, available space or roommate choices. 
    • If in an LLC, it is your responsibility to make sure your roommate meets your LLC guidelines
  • If you do not have a chosen roommate, you will be assigned one at random.
    • The housing preference form includes a list of questions to answer. These questions will help us match you with a roommate.  
  • To review first-year hall locations and bathroom styles, check out our First-Year Housing Overview Video.

Roommate Groups  

  • Students may choose between 1, 2 or 3 roommates/suitemates.  
  • The number of roommates added will affect where students are assigned. 
  • Only groups of 2 students will be placed in community style rooms. 
  • Students in groups of 3 will most likely be assigned to a suite-style room in Hubbard Hall. Groups of 3 can voluntarily request to be in a Brody double room together. 
  • Students in groups of 4 will most likely be assigned a quad-style room in Akers Hall. 
  • Your roommate choice takes priority over your bathroom style preference – meaning we will make every effort to place you with your chosen roommate, even if that means you do not receive your preferred bathroom style.  
  • As suite space allows, groups of 3 or 4 students may be placed in a suite. In this case, students will not have a choice with who is in each room.  
  • Due to address and check-in policies, students must remain in their assigned rooms.  

Creating a Roommate Group  

  • One student will be responsible for creating the roommate group.  
  • This person is known as the “Group Leader”  
  • The Group Leader will then invite “Group Members” to the roommate group.  
  • Group Members MUST have a signed housing contract to be invited to a roommate group.  
  • The Group Leader can add up to 3 Group Members, but only 1 is required if you have a chosen roommate.  
  • Once invited, the Group Members will be notified via MSU email. 
  • After receiving the invitation, the Group Member needs to log into My Housing and accept or deny their roommate's group invitation.  
  • Group Leaders can remove Group Members from their groups. Group Members may leave their groups.  

Living Learning Communities  

Students who are in a Residential College or Living-Learning Community (LLC) will be required to adhere to different roommate rules and housing placements. It is the student's responsibility to ensure their chosen roommate meets the LLC guidelines. When utilizing My College Roomie, you will need to self-filter for students within your LLC.

Please visit the LLC Guidelines page for full details and information.  

Housing Preferences and Roommate Groups MUST BE COMPLETE AND SUBMITTED BY FRIDAY, JUNE 3, AT 11:59 p.m. EST



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