Parking and Directions

Directions by Neighborhood 

  • Brody Neighborhood

    Brody Neighborhood

    All Brody Halls: Enter at the South entrance of Brody Road, as the road will be one-way for move-in. You will want to drive southbound onto Harrison Road from Michigan Avenue.

    Brody Move-In Map

  • East Neighborhood

    East Neighborhood

    Akers and Hubbard Halls: Take Hagadorn Road to Wilson Road to Conrad Road, and pull into Akers Road traveling northbound on Conrad Road.

    Holmes Hall: Enter West Shaw Lane from Hagadorn Road and pull in between West Holmes and McDonel halls.


  • North Neighborhood

    North Neighborhood

    Mason/Abbot and Snyder/Phillips Halls: Enter off Bogue Street, heading southbound from Grand River Avenue.


    West Circle Halls: Enter Delta Court, heading eastbound on Michigan Avenue.



  • River Trail Neighborhood

    River Trail Neighborhood

    McDonel and Owen Halls: Enter West Shaw Lane from Hagadorn Road, and drive westbound until you see signage for East McDonel, West McDonel or Owen halls

    Van Hoosen Hall: Enter West Shaw Lane from Hagadorn Road, heading westbound until you turn right onto Bogue Street and enter lot 24.


    Shaw Hall: Head west on North Shaw Lane from Bogue Street, or from Hagadorn Road.


  • South Neighborhood

    South Neighborhood

    Case Hall: Turn onto Chestnut Road from West Shaw Lane, heading eastbound from Harrison Road.

    Holden and Wilson Halls: Enter Wilson Road from Harrison Road and head eastbound.

    Wonders Hall: Turn onto Birch Road from West Shaw Lane, heading eastbound from Harrison Road.


We ask that a licensed driver stays with the car at all times while it is unloaded. This ensures traffic moves quickly through the unloading zones and if an emergency vehicle needs to enter vehicles can be moved efficiently. 

2023 Check-In Locations

Move In Parking Map




We also recommend downloading the MSU App as we will share move-in steps and location pins for each residence hall the week of move-in


It is construction season in Michigan! Please make sure to use a navigational app when driving to campus, and then follow our instructions once you get to the perimeter of campus. You can also view the latest Michigan construction projects on the Michigan Department of Transportation website or learn about the Grand River project on the Meridian Township website



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