Meet the RCCE Team

Meet the professional staff members of the Residential Care and Community Expectations (RCCE) team.

Kelsey Skinner, Assistant Director of Residential Care and Community Expectations

My team and I work to ensure that our residential students can be successful while living on campus. We provide support to students by connecting them to resources, work to restore community through our conduct process, and ensure our teams are prepared to support crisis situations. I enjoy traveling specifically to visit waterfalls, spending time with family, and doing puzzles! I have a dog best friend named Jada and my favorite place to visit on campus is the MSU Dairy Store!

Adre Brown, Residential Student Conduct Administrator 

I am dedicated to fostering a secure and inclusive environment for Spartans, collaborating closely with my colleagues to prioritize student success. Our team is focused on implementing a conduct process that not only aids in the growth of students but also facilitates the restoration of affected communities. With a background rooted in serving families, whether through guiding youth in residential settings, assisting families within CPS care, or preparing students for their next academic stages in public schools, I bring a comprehensive perspective to my role which is why I do this. Alongside my professional pursuits, I harbor interesting and random animal facts in my brain, finding delight in their fascinating intricacies. Additionally, I hold an open-minded belief in the existence of Bigfoot and mermaids, a testament to my curiosity about the mysteries of the world.

Gabrielle Barnett, Residential Student Care Coordinator

I work alongside my team and the REHS hall staff to ensure that students experiencing mental health and related concerns receive the services and support they need to succeed. My background is in social work, and I am deeply committed to achieving educational equity and community for all students. In my free time, I enjoy traveling, hiking, gardening, and playing with my labradoodle named Beans. 

Graduate Assistants 

The Residential Care and Community Expectations team is supported by three graduate assistants. These graduate assistants work to support functions of both our CARE and Conduct processes. Not only do they provide administrative support, but they also regularly meet with students regarding student conduct and/or mental health related concerns. They are crucial to the overall success and efficiency of RCCE!

Other Team Members

In addition to the team members above, we work collaboratively with the Residence Education staff that work in the residence halls and apartments, as well as the team in the Office of Student Support and Accountability (OSSA). Learn more about the teams here: 


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