Incoming Student Hierarchy of Housing Assignments

When completing your housing preferences, it is important to keep in mind the hierarchy of assignment, meaning some preferences will outweigh others. See below for an explanation of the housing preference hierarchy. Our priority is to maintain roommate groups, given that has been what our Spartans have asked for the most. To do that, you must ensure you fully understand how preferences work.  

We highly recommend you have an open, honest conversation with your potential roommates on your preferences and any LLC requirements you may have. When roommate groups are broken because of the preference changes there can be confusion and frustration; because we are unable to share specific reasons why the roommate group is broken with other students due to privacy concerns, it is the responsibility of each student to have that conversation with their roommates.  

  1. Gender-Inclusive Housing, Substance-Free Housing, and Dietary Housing – The Housing Assignments Office will honor the selection of Gender-Inclusive Housing, Substance-Free Housing, and Dietary Housing above all other preferences.  
    • This means, if necessary, all remaining preferences (including roommate and LLC) may be disregarded to fulfil the selection of Gender-Inclusive Housing, Substance-Free Housing, and Dietary Housing. 
    • If you picked this and your roommates did not, your roommate group will be split up.  
    • Dietary Housing offers students with food allergies the option to reside in close proximity to Thrive Dining Hall. It's important to note that selecting Dietary Housing means you'll be situated near Thrive, though not necessarily matched with an allergen-conscious roommate.
  2. Living Learning Communities – Each Living-Learning Community (LLC) has its own rules in place for roommates being in the LLC or out of the LLC. If your chosen roommate is not in your LLC, and an in-LLC roommate is required, your roommate choice will be disregarded. Review the LLC housing rules.  
    • If your participation in the LLC changes, or someone changes majors out of the learning community, it will break up the roommate group. Ensure ahead of time you all are properly admitted in the learning community.  
  3. Roommate Preferences – The Housing Assignments Office will do their best to honor your roommate and suitemate choices. Please ensure that your roommate fits any rules required by your LLC, if applicable.  
    • Everyone must accept the roommate group in My Housing or else they will not be placed together. Ensure you have accepted the roommate group – not just have been invited
  4. Bathroom Style Preferences – Your bathroom style preferences will factor in based on available space and your roommate group size. 

The Housing Assignments Office will keep roommate groups intact as long as each roommate's individual preferences do not preclude them from the group. For example, if Student A and Student B are in a Roommate Group together, but Student A is in the Lyman Briggs College LLC and Student B is not, their roommate group will be split and they will not be placed together. 


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