Why Spartans Recycle

Throughout every building on Michigan State’s campus, students can find labeled recycling bins for all paper, plastic, metal, and glass materials. These bins are located in each building for student convenience and to encourage recycling whenever possible. Recycling practices throughout campus support Michigan State University’s vision of individual responsibility for driving innovative change to reduce impact and build a campus that sustains future generations of Spartans. Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to recycle in order to divert as much waste from landfills as possible. Recyclable materials not properly disposed of in recycling containers are sent to landfill where they contribute to pollution and, more specifically, greenhouse gas emissions. As of the 2018-19 school year, the diversion rate for Michigan State University is at 50 percent; this indicates that 50 percent of all recyclable materials are rerouted from landfill to the MSU Recycling Center where they are reused. 

As a university, we can do better than 50 percent. Often times, individuals mistakenly send items to landfill when they could be reused or recycled at no cost and low effort. Every student recycling a portion of their materials can go a long way. As a community, Spartans can increase their sustainable practices and decrease harm toward the environment. Individuals can start by reducing their use of nonrenewable resources as much as possible. When using these items is unavoidable, Spartans should work to ensure the items are properly disposed of in the appropriate bins. Proper recycling routines contribute to conserving natural resources, saving energy and protecting wildlife. 

Campus sustainability practices are being encouraged across all departments in order to create a healthier Earth and a more sustainable future. The SLE Sustainability Department encourages students to incorporate sustainability into their everyday routine and recognize the social responsibility of being as sustainable as possible.

Being green is not only a school color but a way of life at Michigan State University. 


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