Why Live On?

Why live on at MSU? Convenience, support, and fun. By living in a residence hall at MSU, you are in the best location to experience all MSU has to offer. You’ll live right by your classes, within walking distance of multiple dining halls with diverse menus, and get to experience the beauty that is the Red Cedar River. Your residence hall will also provide you with laundry services, so you never have to worry about fishing through your pockets for quarters. The service centers located in each residence hall have a variety of resources available to you as well, including toilet paper, trash bags, and vacuums.

By living on campus, you’ll be near a Sparty’s, where you can get your Combo-X-Change or stock up on toiletries. You’ll also find that while living on you have a variety of support systems. The resident assistant on your floor can help you get settled in and link you to resources all over campus. The neighborhood engagement centers are a great resource as well, with a math tutoring center, a writing center, a fitness center, and advisors to support you through your academic and career-related pursuits.

Finally, living on at MSU is a window to fun new experiences. Enjoy late nights laughing with your suitemates, say, "Hi!" to the friendly squirrels on your way to class, and get involved in a club or organization that shares one of your passions. Your Spartan journey is uniquely you and living on campus allows you to construct your path while providing you with all the tools you need to have a convenient, supported and fun living experience here at MSU.



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