Complimentary menstrual product dispensers have been installed in women’s and all-gender restrooms. The products can be found in student facing buildings on the first floors (or nearest restrooms to the first floor). 
MSU recognizes menstruation products are a basic health necessity and the lack of access to products can take a toll on the physical health, mental health and education of our students. The availability of these products will help create an equitable environment for Spartans to manage menstrual hygiene safely and with dignity.   
This initiative is the result of the advocacy work of many MSU student organizations. 
“We appreciate the advocacy efforts of MSU student leaders, particularly the leadership of Mission Menstruation X MSU,” says Senior Vice President for SLE Vennie Gore. “They helped us gather and present data to show the importance of this initiative. We believe that this is a positive step forward to creating a more just and equitable campus environment for our students.” 
Additional partners include the Associated Students of MSU (ASMSU), Infrastructure Planning and Facilities (IPF), the Residence Halls Association (RHA), Women’s Advisory Committee for Support Staff (WACSS), Gender and Sexuality Campus Center (GSCC), and Women*s Student Services. 
MSU is funding this initiative with operating dollars, similar to funding for restroom soap and toilet paper. 
“As we review research at other institutions, it suggests there will be a high use of menstruation products at the start of the launch,” says Dan Bollman, vice president for strategic infrastructure planning and facilities. “We expect that once students see this product is always available, usage will decrease to a steady number and will become like other products that we supply in restrooms. I am pleased we can provide this expanded access to students.” 
A current list of dispenser locations can be found at


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