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It’s no myth that Michigan State University is a huge place. That’s why it’s a great idea to find your place here and have a network to rely on. One of the best ways to create that is by joining a club or organization here on campus and you can do this without needing to leave your neighborhood! 

  • Residence Halls Association

    The MSU Residence Halls Association (RHA) is the on-campus student government at Michigan State University, representing more than 15,000 students, MSU RHA is one of the largest residence halls associations in the country. MSU RHA is dedicated to improving the on-campus living experience, and providing many services to students. Campus Center Cinemas, RHA On-Demand Movies, and Condom Connection are all services that are provided to the students by RHA.

  • University Activities Board

    The University Activities Board (UAB) programs events for students, by students, to enhance the Spartan experience at Michigan State University. UAB strives to provide unique, high quality experiences that contribute to student growth. Involving the diverse student body, we aspire to have a substantial impact on campus life and for every student to graduate with a UAB memory.

  • Associated Students of Michigan State University

    The Associated Students of Michigan State University (ASMSU) is the undergraduate student government of Michigan State. Our mission is to enhance our individual and collective student experience through education, empowerment, and advocacy by dedication to the needs and interests of students. Services offered through ASMSU include free blue books, interest free loans, iClicker rental, free Red Cedar Log Yearbooks, copy/fax services, insurance plans, test prep courses, as well as the Readership Program which provides free daily New York Times, USA Today, and Detroit Free Press in various locations around campus. ASMSU also offers free legal services, as well as student defenders who can advise on issues related to the University Judicial System.

  • Council of Racial and Ethnic Students

    The Council of Racial and Ethnic Students or C.O.R.E.S is comprised of four cultural communities at Michigan State University. These communities are represented by four student organizations: North American Indigenous Student Organization (NAISO), Black Student Alliance (BSA), Asian Pacific American Student Organization (APASO) and Culturas de las Razas Unidas (CRU). These communities help students to better understand themselves and others through cultural and social activities. Additionally, these communities serve as advocates for their members by staying abreast of issues that impact their respective community, and by working with university faculty, staff, and administration in addressing concerns.


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