Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Residence Education and Housing Services (REHS) is committed to fostering a diverse, equitable, inclusive and safe environment for Spartans living in our on-campus residential housing community. We work through the values of diversity, equity, inclusion and social justice to build communities that encourage personal growth, relationship building and academic success.

We work to ensure Spartans have a positive experience while living on campus, both in our residence halls and apartments. This is your home during your time at MSU, and it should feel as close to home as possible. Our caucuses, resident assistants and intercultural aides offer support and education to help students thrive in building vibrant and engaging communities within and outside the residence halls and apartment communities.

We promote understanding and maintain a supportive and positive living environment through various programmatic initiatives that enhance personal and cultural awareness. We welcome you to connect and talk to us about your experiences and any ideas you have in creating an affirming and inclusive living environment for our Live On community.

Our Residential & Hospitality Services value of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: As individuals and collectively, we are committed to a mindset of inclusive and equitable practices. We will work toward creating an environment free of harm based on a person’s identity.

Michigan State University is engaging in a feasibility study for a campus multicultural center. Learn more at mcccenter.msu.edu


Sign the Pledge

As part of our university's commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion and social justice, we are asking MSU students, faculty, staff and community members to join us in signing the following pledge.

I will work to make sure HATE HAS NO HOME HERE at MSU. I pledge to do my part in creating and sustaining a welcoming and inclusive environment at MSU. I pledge to not commit acts of hate. I pledge to be an active bystander and to prevent and address incidents of hate and bias.


Reporting Discrimination and/or Harassment

Residence Education and Housing Services works to ensure all residents feel safe, secure and welcomed to the Michigan State University community. Incidents are taken very seriously.


Housing for Individuals Identifying as LGBTQA+  

REHS and the Gender and Sexuality Campus Center are dedicated to providing safe and comfortable living environments for all students, including those whose gender identity and/or expression differs from the sex assigned to them at birth.

REHS and the GSCC offer Gender Inclusive Housing on Michigan State’s Campus.  For more information please visit OUR Gender-Inclusive Housing page. 

REHS partners with various university offices, student groups, and academic and student affairs units and departments.

We believe in maintaining a positive, supportive living environment in the residence halls and apartments. At MSU, You Have A Home Here regardless of your background or social identities. Check out the many affinity groups supported on campus.

    et involved within your residence hall!

    The Council of Racial and Ethnic Students (CORES) is comprised of four cultural communities and student organizations.

    The Council of Progressive Students (COPS) is represented by nine student organizations.

    LGBTQA+ Caucuses

    Black Caucuses


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