Zumba Class

Live On and Be Fit

Enjoy the Neighborhood Health and Wellness Group Exercise Program, Live On and Be Fit! 

From yoga, to zumba and cardio kickboxing, group exercise classes are offered throughout the week in every neighborhood.

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Newly renovated fitness centers are in the following locations:

  • West Akers, Floor B, Room 23
  • East Holmes, Floor B, Room 12
  • Hubbard, Floor G, Room 60
  • Bailey, Floor 4, Room B401A
  • Rather, Floor 4, Room B401A
  • Spartan Village Community Center, Room 172
  • Holden, Room G29
  • Shaw Hall, Room 20
  • Snyder, Room E009
  • Yakeley, Room 26A

Wonderbodies—a convenient cardio and aerobic fitness center is located in the lower level of Wonders Hall. Wonderbodies features a wide variety of equipment including treadmills, elliptical machines, and motion trainers with TV and audio port capability. A more relaxing workout setting is also offered at Wonderbodies with the yoga room and the facilities also offers fitness classes for the opportunity to get fit with friends! For more information, please visit liveon.msu.edu/wonderbodies