2024-25 On-Campus Housing Sign-Up for Second Year+ Students

The initial housing selection period for current second-year+ students has closed. Students can now request housing for 2024-25 by completing the Housing Request Form in their My Housing account. The form will ask for preferred housing types and any additional requests for consideration. We will message students as spaces are available. Please note that most space offers will be in double residence hall rooms.

2024-25 Housing Selection Process

If you are currently in your second year+, living on campus and interested in living on campus in one of our campus apartments, residence hall rooms or residence hall apartments, sign-up will begin in October 2023.

Current on-campus residents in their second year or beyond who are interested in an on-campus apartment at University Village or 1855 Place, a residence hall apartment, single room in Owen Hall, or a double room in select residence halls will complete the 2024-25 Housing Interest Form in their My Housing account.

  • The Interest Form opens on Monday, October 9, 2023

  • Based on feedback from students, the Housing Assignments Office will offer double rooms in both suite and community style halls. Double rooms will be available on a first come first serve basis, like the other spaces in this sign-up period. 

  • Once the form closes, the Housing Assignments Office will assign a 24-hour selection window to students who are randomly assigned a selection time, based on class standing.

  • The number of selection times is based on the number of available rooms and apartments for selection. If the number of interested students exceeds the availability of spaces, not all students will receive a selection time.

  • Each person must submit their own form to receive a sign-up time. During your sign-up window, you will be able to pull in students who are in their second year or beyond.

  • Only students currently living on-campus and currently in their second year+ are able to complete the Interest Form. 

Please remember, while the interest form is the first step in the process of potentially securing a space on campus, this does not guarantee a spot for the 2024-25 academic year. It is important to note that our apartment spaces are in high demand, and priority is given based on current class standing.

Roommate Groups 

If you have a roommate(s) in mind, you will need to create a roommate group. Learn how to create a roommate group:  

  • Choose a "Group Leader" from your group of students.  Anyone in your pair or group can be the Group Leader.   
  • Log in to your My Housing account and click on "Complete Housing Preferences and Update Roommate Group."  
  • The Group Leader will invite one, two, or three additional students to join the group by providing their names and MSU emails. 
  • Once invited, the Group Members will receive an email with instructions to accept or decline the invitation in their My Housing account. 
  • All members of the roommate group must ACCEPT their invitations prior to their sign-up time to be a part of the Roommate Group 
  • Please note, students currently in their first year cannot be pulled in as roommates for this sign-up period. 

Current 1855 Place and University Village Residents 

For students who are currently residing in 1855 Place or University Village, only complete the form if you want to move spaces. If you wish to retain your current space, do not fill out the 2024-25 Housing Interest Form. The Housing Assignments Office will be sending information about lease renewal soon.

Students currently living in a residence hall or residence hall apartment cannot retain their current space.

Off-Campus Housing Options and Resources

Students in their second year and beyond that wish to live off campus next year can do so without completing a housing exception form. The following are off-campus housing resources:



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