2021-22 Returning Student Housing Sign-Up

Residence Education and Housing Services will provide housing to those students who need it, regardless of when you sign-up. REHS will continue to evaluate the current landscape and provide housing options that fit within health and safety guidelines. 

With that being said, the housing sign-up timeline for 2021-22 is different than previous years. On-campus apartment sign-up for spaces at 1855 Place and University Village will begin in late October, early November. We anticipate that most units will be filled with current apartment residents, along with rising juniors, seniors and graduate students. Sign-up for the residence halls has been delayed until late January 2021 and will go through April 2021, in order to relieve the pressure to sign up for a space before students have a time to fully review their options. 

2021-22 Apartment Timeline

Apartment Sign-Up for 2021-22 

The process for students to select an apartment space in 1855 Place, 1855 Family Housing or University Village for the 2021-22 lease period will begin in late October with a three-day retention period, followed by class standing, then students who lived off campus in 2020-21. 

Apartment Sign-Up 2021-22 Timeline 

October 26: Retention Opens 

October 28: Retention Closes 

October 30: Senior/Grad Selection Opens 

November 3: Junior Selection Opens 

November 4: Sophomore* Selection Opens 

November 6: Freshman* Selection Opens 

January 19: Off-Campus Selection Opens 

*Subject to availability 

Please note: Lists of students will be pulled from our July 17 data. 

Residence Hall Sign-Up for 2021-22

As fall semester progresses you may begin to feel the pressure to sign leases for next fall. We want you to know that this is not the case when you live on campus. This year has been anything but what was expected, and we want you to feel confident in your decisions based on your situation. With that being said, residence hall sign-up has been moved to January through April 2021. This will still give you ample time to find a neighborhood that suits your needs and personality. As well as plenty of time to choose a space before incoming students complete their assignment process.

Housing sign-up timeline

Residence hall housing sign-up for the 2021-22 academic year will begin late January 2021 with graduate students and rising seniors, and continue through all class standings, then those who lived off campus in 2020-21. 

It is important to note, room selection is subject to change based upon the latest health and safety guidelines.

Residence Hall Sign-Up 2021-22 Timeline 

January 25: Senior/Grad Selection Opens

January 26: Junior Selection Opens

January 27: Sophomore Selection Opens 

February 1: Freshman Selection Opens 

February 9: Off-Campus Selection Opens 

April 16: 2021-22 Sign-up Closes 



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