Residential Student Conduct

In-hall Conduct Process

The below information outlines the process initiated when an incident is documented for an alleged policy violation while living on campus. 


Conduct process


Incident Documented:

In order to maintain a safe and secure living environment, multiple levels of staff (resident assistants, assistant community directors and community directors) document behavior observed that may violate policy. The documentation is called an incident report (IR).

Hall Staff Reviews Report

Each residence hall is overseen by a professional staff member called a community director. Part of this person’s role is to review all incident reports each business day to determine any next steps.

Warning Letter

Depending on the type of behavior documented and a students’ documented history, a student may receive a warning letter that discusses the documented behavior and educates students on university policies.

I Meet with Hall Staff

An in-hall conduct meeting is an opportunity for a student to share their perspective on what might have happened, discuss community rights and responsibilities, and learn about possible next steps. Additionally, the in-hall meeting is an opportunity to connect with a Residence Education and Housing Services (REHS) staff member to discuss a student’s on-campus living experience and learn about various campus resources.

  • If the student is not responsible for any university policy violations, the case will be closed.
  • If a student either admits to violating university policy or it is more likely than not a student might have violated a policy, there could be two outcomes:
  1. In-hall intervention: An agreement between a student and REHS staff member to engage in a learning opportunity.
  2. Referral to Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution: If a student’s behavior requires formal review, a student may be referred to the Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution to meet with a university conduct officer.

Important Consideration:

Please remember that the university’s conduct process is separate from any legal proceedings.

Meet the Student Conduct Team 

The Residential Student Conduct Team consists of two professional staff members who oversee, support and provide training on the in-hall conduct system. 

Maja Myszkowski, assistant director for Residential Student Conduct
B.S. in psychology and B.A. in French, The Ohio State University 
M.A. in counselor education (Student Affairs), Clemson University  

Michael Allensworth, residential student conduct administrator
B.A. in political science, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
M.A. in student affairs administration, Michigan State University 

The Residential Student Conduct Team create and implement training for undergraduate, graduate and professional residence hall staff and partner with university offices to promote student learning in an educational student conduct process. Both Maja and Michael are supportive of restorative principles, working to create systems and structures that support students’ learning and discussing issues to repair harm.

Contact Maja and Michael at if you have questions or concerns.  

Additional Resources 

For more information on student rights and responsibilities, please see the below resources:

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