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Bed Size and Linen Exchange

Residence hall beds require twin extra-long, 80" sheets.

Each traditional residence hall provides a linen package for each student upon request at the service centers. This white linen package includes twin, extra-long sheets, a pillowcase and two towels. The linen package can be exchanged weekly for clean linen at no additional cost.

If you would like to purchase colored sheets, they are also available in many retail stores. The University Activities Board also coordinates a linen sale as a fundraiser for their free weekend and evening events for students. For more information, visit

Carpet Sizes

Carpet sizes vary by residence hall. Use these carpet size guidelines when making purchases. We encourage everyone to purchase carpeting that has a finished banded edge to prevent tripping as carpet tape is not allowed in the residence halls.

Cable Television 

Both new and returning students will need to rescan their TVs to have access to the most updated channel listing. For more information about the new lineup and to find answers to cable-related questions, visit 

To set up your television, you will need to: 

  1. Connect the coax cables
    Digital-ready television: Simply connect the coax cable from your TV to the cable outlet. Make sure both ends are tight. You must use coax cords with screw on connectors as to not cause RF leakage.
  2. Reprogram the television
    Turn the television on and go to the menu. 
    Select “rescan" or "reprogram." Make sure to select “cable” mode. 
    Wait for the scanning to complete. This process can take up to 15 minutes depending on the brand of television. 
    When scanning finishes, you should see more than 100 digital channels.
  3. Tune in to an HD channel.
    Example: type 19.1 (“1” “9” “.” “1”) on the remote to get to a digital HD channel.

Air Conditioning 

Van Hoosen Hall, University Village Apartments and 1855 Place are air conditioned. 

If you are assigned to any other on-campus housing location, we strongly suggest you bring a fan.

Personal air conditioners are permitted for medical reasons only and require approval in advance. Requests are coordinated through the Housing Assignments Office, with final approval needed from the university physician.

To request an air conditioner, please complete the medical records authorization form with your medical provider contact information. If approved by the University Physician’s Office, air-conditioning units are provided by your neighborhood facilities departments. Installation is completed by a MSU-authorized maintenance personnel. 

For more information, please contact the Housing Assignments Office at by email at or by phone at 517-884-5483.

Water Filters 

Each year, Michigan State University’s water is tested. The results are included in an annual Water Quality Report

Before you invest in a water filter, we recommend you try out the water once you get to campus. If you and your roommates decide you would like a water filter installed in your residence hall suite or apartment, you will need to purchase the filter and submit a maintenance request for the REHS Facilities team to install it.


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