Akers Hall

Akers Hall is located in East Neighborhood and was built in 1964. It is named after Forest H. Akers, an MSU student from the early 1900s. Residents in Akers enjoy a unique housing style that features two-bedroom suites with a separate living/study area and a bathroom shared only by suite occupants.


  • Suite-style bathrooms
  • Single, double, triple, quad and apartment rooms
  • Quiet floors
  • Coed floors
  • Lofted beds
  • East Akers is designated alcohol-free
  • Quiet floors available
  • A fitness room, billiards room, music practice room and computer lab are located within the hall
  • Residence Halls Association Movie Office located in the basement
  • Akers Dining Hall located on the second floor*
  • Wi-Fi access throughout the building, including student rooms

Contact Information:
East Akers Service Center: 517-353-2218
West Akers Service Center: 517-353-3358
Community Director Office: Sara Olsztyn, 517-353-2230, olsztyn@rhs.msu.edu  
Facilities Manager: Chip Hornburg, 517-353-9771, hornburg@msu.edu

Akers student groups wishing to reserve meeting space, e-mail ECBookings@rhs.msu.edu
Other groups wishing to reserve meeting space, e-mail OHBookings@rhs.msu.edu