Students study in a meeting room in the East Neighborhood Engagement Center

East Neighborhood

East Neighborhood is located on the northeast side of campus near the intersection of Hagadorn and Shaw Roads. It is located near IM East, the Wharton Center for Performing Arts and the Business College Complex. East Neighborhood is comprised of three residence halls, each of which features a unique dining hall. All residence halls in the East Neighborhood have suite-style bathrooms.

Hubbard Hall features the Sparty's Cafe, which offers convenience items as well as hot and cold made-to-order coffee and beverages, and even cooked-to-order items. Fitness centers are located in Akers, Holmes and Hubbard halls, and the East Neighborhood Engagement Center is located in Hubbard Hall.


2014/2015 Important Contacts for East Neighborhood

Sara Olsztyn, Community Director, Akers Hall

Nick Ballard, Community Director, Holmes Hall

Ramonda Kindle, Community Director, Hubbard Hall

Chip Hornburg, Facilities Manager

Brenda Nelson, Dining Manager