RA Application Requirements and Conditions of Employment

2016-17 Applicant Eligibility Requirements

  • Must have at least a 2.75* cumulative MSU grade point average as of the end of Fall 2015.
  • Must have earned at least 12 credits as of the end of Fall 2015.
  • Must have lived in an MSU residence hall by the end of Fall 2015.

Residence Education and Housing Services staff will verify the above requirements at the end of Fall Semester 2015.

Candidates will receive an email on January 6, 2016 to let them know if they are eligible and will be instructed to sign up for an interview time on the weekned of Janaury 30 and 31st.  If you do not get an email on or before January 6, 2016, email Karen Stowell at kstowell@msu.edu by January 7, 2016.

Most RA positions are located in traditional residence halls for the acadmic year.  There are a small number of RA positions that are located in Owen/VanHoosen Halls, University Village, and Spartan Village that have special requirements/differences as follows:  

Owen/VanHoosen:  Staff must be a student with at least 56 credit hours and/or Junior status by the time they are employed. They receive a meal plan. Staff in Owen typically stay employed for about a week after MSU finals week. *MSU Law students have a lower gpa requirement of 2.20.
University Village:  This is a twelve-month position beginning mid-May. Staff live in UV with 3 roommates; have a private bedroom with shared bathroom. They receive a meal plan.
Spartan Village:  This is a twelve-month position beginning mid-May. Staff must have a valid driver’s license or have a access to reliable transportation at all times when on duty; must have a flexible schedule to include some daytime hours; staff share in a 24 hour duty rotation 52 weeks a year including coverage to include summer, winter, Thanksgiving, and spring break periods as well as Holidays and times when most of the University is closed; will participate in a full week of training in May after Finals Week as well as REHS Department training for 2 weeks prior to Fall Move In during August and also several days in January prior to the start of classes for Spring Semester; must vacate their assigned apartment upon leaving the position.

RA Process Requirements

  • Candidates must submit a resume along with their application. Candidates will not be able to submit an application without first uploading their resume. Eligible candidates must be able to attend the Selection Weekend, which will be held January 30-31, 2016. Each candidate will be asked to sign up for an interview time over that weekend.
  • Candidates are asked to hold the both dates; there are limited number of time slots to sign up for.
  • Candidates offered a position will be required to participate in the RA Seminar Class. These sessions will begin in March, 2016 and will take place once a week. There will be a variety of sessions available to accommodate varying schedules.
  • Candidates offered a position must be available to attend Fall Training, which begins August 14, 2016.

Conditions of Employment

  • Resident Assistants are expected to maintain a 2.75 throughout their employment.
  • Resident Assistants must pass a background check prior to employment.
  • Resident Assistants are expected to attend all training sessions and workshops.
  • All Resident Assistants MUST be a full-time student, enrolled in at least 12 credits (if undergrade) and be making progress toward a degree at MSU throughout their employment period. Graduate students must be full-time students as well (9 credits); however credit limit exceptions may be made for post-doc staff. 
  • Resident Assistants may NOT student teach or hold internships during their first semester of employment. After the first semester, experiences which will take the staff away from his/her building for significant time blocks are discouraged, and must be approved by the Community Director and Assistant Director in the employee’s neighborhood before they are accepted.
  • Resident Assistants who will not be on campus for the entire academic year (and summer if a 12-month position) will not be considered.

NOTE FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS: Residents with J-2 visa need special authorization (i.e., work permit) from Immigration to be eligible for employment. If you do not have an F1 or J Visa, please contact the Office of International Students to ensure that this position would not jeopardize your status. International students are authorized to work 20 per week on campus.

NOTE FOR DOMESTIC STUDENTS: Domestic students are allowed to work 29 hours per week on campus.

CLICK HERE to go to 2016-17 RA Selection Process Timeline