Emmons Hall is located in the southeast corner of the Brody Neighborhood. It was opened in 1956 and named for the Dean of the School of Science and Arts, who was an advocate for teacher preparation. The recently renovated hall features a spacious lounge, as well as a community kitchen and laundry room. The fourth floor has three study rooms, a game room and a caucus room that includes a large conference table.


  • Community kitchen
  • Single, double and quad rooms
  • Community bathrooms
  • Quiet floors available
  • Barrier-free housing
  • Lofted beds
  • Outlet media lounge

Contact Information:
Emmons Service Center: 517-355-2717
Community Director: Mina Utt, 517-355-4447, uttminae@msu.edu  
Facilities Manager: Mike Hicks, 517-355-4542, hicksmi@msu.edu

Emmons student groups wishing to reserve meeting space, e-mail BrodyBookings@rhs.msu.edu

Other groups wishing to reserve meeting space, e-mail OHBookings@rhs.msu.edu