Planning and Implementation

Throughout this process, rest assured that residents and staff will remain a  top priority. As decisions are made, information will be communicated to staff, residents and community members in a timely manner. The division of RHS and the department of Residence Education and Housing Services leadership will continue to meet with various stakeholders—including staff and residents—to provide information and gather feedback.  

The closure will be in phases, and some buildings will come off line before 2017, especially those that come up for costly scheduled maintenance and repairs. As the buildings continue to come up for scheduled maintenance and repairs, select staff in REHS and University senior administrators will make building by building decisions on a yearly basis. These decisions will be based on assessments of each building. 

We are looking at options that will have the least amount of impact possible on both our residents and staff. Throughout the planning process, as well as during implementation, we will work collaboratively with appropriate partners throughout the campus community.