How do I sign-up for housing WITH a roommate?

Once you have identified your new roommate

  • If you are selecting your own room online, you must “pull in” your roommate in the online housing system using the PIN that they created in their own iLiveOn account. You must know the PIN and dining plan choice for the person you want as your roommate.

*If you have three roommates and would like to pull in two of them as suitemates you can do so based on room availability, or you can pull in all three roommates into a quad in Akers.

  • Each student will receive an email with their designated sign-up time on Oct. 31, 2017. You can log in to your iLiveOn account during or after that time to select your room and pull in a roommate. Simply follow the on-screen instructions.
  • One person will need to complete the reservation process online for the pair or entire group. We suggest you designating the person with the highest class level or the earliest assignment date to do so.
  • Every person that will be “pulled in” as a roommate must create a PIN in their own iLiveOn account and share that PIN with the person completing the reservation process.
  • When choosing a room in the online reservation system, look for available rooms with two or more open bed spaces.

*If you do not select a room by April 20, 2018 you can visit the Housing Assignments office and they can assign you manually until May 1, 2018.