Take Advantage of Resources At MSU!

Spartans, now that you're all settled into campus, it's important to get to know your on-campus resources. The list below, along with many other campus resources, will help you make the most of each day leading up to graduation. 

Engagement Centers:

The Neighborhood Engagement centers are helpful resource for most things related to your Spartan experience. In the Engagement Centers you'll find tutoring and other academic resources, as well as opportunities to enrich your mental and physical health. 

Olin Health Center:

Olin is there when Dayquil can not get the job done. As a student, you get 3 free visits per year, and they are there for you when you can not make it home to your regular doctor.

Counseling and Psychiatric Services 

We know that college can get tough sometimes. Sometimes it's the pressure of your courses, other times you simply miss your family. If you ever need someone to talk to, the counseling center is just a bus ride away waiting with open arms.

The MSU Library:

Throughout the library there are help rooms and learning centers filled with teaching assistants and grad students ready to answer questions when your professor or TA is not there. Librarians are very experienced and can help you find what you're looking for also. Whether it be chemistry, economics, computer sciences, writing, math or English Lit., they have it all and know it all.

Intramural Sports & Clubs:

Team sports are a great way to stay fit and meet a bunch of new people! IM sports and clubs will keep you busy and are an easy way to make friends while enjoying all of the various things you hobby.

Eat At State:

Do you have any dietary restrictions that worry you about dining hall foods? Get in touch with the dietician or your Neighborhood's chef to see what modifications are made in each dining hall to suit your needs.

LBGT Resource Center:

There are a variety of resources available for LBGTQA students at MSU. Check out the resource center to learn more and get connected. Never feel left out, and feel free to join to support your friends!

Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities:

RCPD at MSU can help make your experience around campus so much easier! Whether it be rides to class, or adjusting your residence hall room—Michigan State University is always willing to accommodate their students in need! Check out their website to learn more about how they can help you. 

Student Parent Resource Center

Days can get hectic when trying to balance a family and take care of academic responsibilities. The Family Resource Center knows that and is available to help you strike the balance between the two. Visit their website to learn more about the services they offer. 

Office for International Students and Scholars

Studying at a university in another country could be a nerve-wrecking experience. But not when you have an office like OISS on campus. OISS serves as a great resource for international students, connecting them with student groups and events to help make their experience in the U.S. worthwhile. They help students with a number of things, including applying for jobs and driver's licenses. Visit their website to learn more.