Finding Your Place at MSU

Finding Your Place at MSU

With thousands of students contributing to the hustle and bustle around East Lansing, the idea of finding companions at a university as large as MSU may seem daunting. Live On has come up with a list of ways you can meet new people and ease your mind while transitioning into college life!

Connect on Social Media
Join Facebook groups for your floor and residence hall. These will keep you informed on events going on in your neighborhood, as well as an easy place to meet your neighbors! Use hashtags like #MSU17 and #SpartansLiveOn to find other MSU students who share your interests. Social media looks so much better with some Spartan spirit in your feed!

Join a Student Organization
Michigan State has over 550 registered student organizations. There really is something for EVERYONE here! You can find groups specific to majors, niche activities like longboarding and table tennis, or groups passionate about a particular cause. We’re sure you’ll find something here that’s a perfect fit for you.

Celebrate Spartan Sports
There aren’t many things better than being surrounded by fellow students, cheering on your favorite Spartans. Standing in a Spartan student section provides a real sense of unity and the perfect bonding experience with your fellow students. To find the schedules for men’s and women’s sports, visit

Play Intramural and Club Sports
Did you “retire” from sports after high school but you still have the urge? Have you never been a sports addict but you think now may be YOUR time? Check out the Intramural and Club sports teams. Stay active, and meet a team’s worth of new friends. Visit to view schedules and listings of Intramural and Club sports.

Attend Neighborhood Activities
Your neighborhood, residence hall and floor will hold multiple events throughout the year. Attending these events gives you the opportunity to hang out with the students who live closest to you! What’s better than having a friend to visit right down the hall? Work up a sweat with your neighbors at the free Live On and Be Fit classes! There are also Residence hall caucuses and programs like MRULE that provide the opportunity to become a leader and connect with your peers within your neighborhood.

Seek Out Classroom Companions
Try to set a goal to meet at least two people in each class, and get their name and number. Your new study buddy could come in handy when the deadline is coming quickly and you aren’t clear on an assignment. Knowing at least 2 souls in that lecture hall might save your grade, or better yet be your new Game of Thrones watching buddy!

Be Open
The top piece of advice we can offer is to BE OPEN to new people and opportunities. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t “click” with everyone in your first few weeks. Give it some time, soak in the newness and relax. Remember, you’re not alone. There are thousands of other freshmen just like you- all in the beginning steps of making East Lansing your new home for the next few years.