Pack Up Pitch In 2010

Pack Up. Pitch In.

Since 1996, MSU students have been pitching in to turn their unwanted items into a valuable resource for area charities.

The days surrounding the beginning and close of each semester, when students are moving into and out of the residence halls, represent an increased opportunity for recycling efforts. By increasing the visibility and capacity of recycling options at these times, Residential and Hospitality Services diverts materials from landfills each year. Additionally, when students move out of the residence halls clothing, food and household appliances are collected and donated to local charitable organizations. By valuing social responsibility and partnering with other organizations, the Division has made wealth out of what would have been waste.

Pack Up. Pitch In. and Pack Up. Pitch In. Help Out. are made possible through partnerships with the Division of Residential and Hospitality Services, MSU Surplus, Office of Recycling, Office of Waste Management and greater-Lansing area volunteer groups. This year, in conjunction with the University, the City of East Lansing also hosted an extension of the program for local residents. Program is a shining example of MSU’s commitment to sustainability, charitable support and environmental stewardship on campus and beyond.