Transitional Housing at Michigan State University

With more high school and transfer students wanting to become Spartans and students returning to live on campus beyond their freshman year, a small number of students in each MSU Neighborhood may be temporarily assigned to transitional housing for fall semester 2016.

Transitional housing is an arrangement in which rooms are converted to house one additional student, typically on a temporary basis.  Students will receive their room and roommate assignments and be notified if they will be temporarily placed in transitional housing no later than July 18. It is very likely that students temporarily placed in a transitional room will be re-assigned to their permanent, traditional room prior to their arrival to campus in August.

Why Does MSU Have Transitional Housing?
Because MSU is a residential campus and believes in the importance of the on-campus experience for all students, we guarantee housing for all new students and we house an appropriate mix of new students and upperclassmen.

How Is Transitional Housing Broken Down?
During the summer and fall, some students decide not to come to MSU or discover that it is not the place for them after they have gotten to campus and ultimately make the decision to leave. When this occurs—which is typical at universities across the country—we are able to make permanent assignments for students who may have been temporarily housed in transitional housing.

As cancellations come in, transitional rooms are broken down and students are placed in permanent housing assignments as soon as possible.

What You Need to Know

  • Transitional housing occurs in all MSU Neighborhoods.
  • Transitional housing rooms are typically regular residence hall rooms with all of the same quality services and amenities available.
  • All transitional housing rooms are equipped with additional furnishings.
  • Transitional housing rooms meet all safety codes and assignments are well within the designed capacity of the room.
  • Typically, students themselves decide who will move out. If they cannot decide, we will use their housing application dates to determine who moves.
  • Each student in a transitional housing assignment will receive a rebate on their student account for the time they are in the assignment.
  • Residence Education and Housing Services team members are experienced in dealing with transitional housing and have an efficient and effective process in place to identify housing options and notify students of those options.
  • Residence Education and Housing Services will communicate directly with any students placed in transitional housing to provide necessary support and to address any questions or concerns.

Still Have Questions?
Students with transitional housing assignments are invited to tune in to the Live Facebook Broadcast on July 20 from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. EST. You will have an opportunity to get your questions answered live by Residence Education and Housing Services and Culinary Services team members. Students and parents are encouraged to tune in. If you would like to submit questions, they can be submitted via Facebook or on Twitter at @MSULiveOn. 

We Are Here to Help
Our staff is here to provide students with safe, comfortable housing so that they can focus on succeeding at MSU. Assisting students in transitional housing assignments is one of our highest priorities. Our staff will work directly with students in transitional housing to identify their campus housing options.

Please contact the Housing Assignments Office with any additional questions by phone at 877-9LIVE ON (877-954-8366) or 517-884-LIVE (517-884-5483) or by email at