Spartans Coming Together

Dear on-campus residents,

Where has the semester gone? Nearly ten weeks are already in the books. Our Residential and Hospitality Services team hopes that you have found – and helped create – a sense of community on your residence hall floor and have gotten involved in student groups of interest to you. We hope that you have taken advantage of the resources available to you in the Neighborhood Engagement Centers. Above all, we hope that you have made the most of your Spartan experience thus far while achieving academic success.

Diversity and inclusion are essential cornerstones of a successful residential experience. In light of the recent election, we are encountering these issues head on. Citizens have cast their votes and our democracy has had a long history of peaceful transition of power. While the conversation this election season has been polarizing and ugly at times, it is important that as Spartans we have open and safe conversations to help us come together and stay together as a community. 

As we learn more about and develop an appreciation for each other, both from our similarities and our differences, we grow as people and become a better version of ourselves. Increasingly, as you will find when you venture beyond the ivy-covered halls of Michigan State University, you will step foot into a global society. The conversations around diversity and inclusion that I encourage you to have now will help prepare you for what’s ahead, regardless of what your aspirations may be.

As Spartans, you will be leaders. Leadership takes many forms. It’s not defined by a role or penciled into a job description. It’s rooted in an individual’s commitment to improve the world for the people around them. To lead, you must understand people. To understand people, you must listen to them, exchanging ideas and growing together.

I am thankful for all of you sparking positive and meaningful conversation with people who are different than you are. You help enrich the Spartan experience for all of us within the MSU community. My charge to you is to employ your leadership. Use your powerful voices to foster change through positive, productive and inclusive conversations. 

We are all different. Differences take many forms. Togetherness only takes one.


Vennie Gore

Vice President

Auxiliary Enterprises

Michigan State University