Pack Up. Pitch In. Help Out!

What do a 12 Pack of Ramen, a Television, and a Microwave Have in Common?

These are all things that Michigan State University collects during move out as part of the Pack Up. Pitch In. Help Out. program.

Every year you, the students, help keep hundreds of thousands of pounds of useable material out of our landfills. For the last 20 years, the Pack Up. Pitch In. program has allowed Residential and Hospitality Services to collect goods during move in and move out that are still acceptable for public use and give them a second life. The program started two decades ago collecting the simple things like food, clothes, and cardboard. It has now evolved into a massive enterprise where everything from televisions to carpets are collected and recycled.

Last year at move out Spartans worked together to divert almost 400,000 pounds of useable good from the landfill. That’s equal to the weight of an adult blue whale! That’s also a diversion rate of 35.4%, meaning that 35.4% of our discarded materials during move out went towards recycling or reuse instead of the trash. Keeping over 1/3 of total discarded materials out of our landfills is a huge accomplishment. This total included 5,000 pounds of food which was donated to local charities, as well as 17,000 pounds of clothing, and 50,000 pounds of carpet for resale.

Over the years, Pack Up. Pitch In. has partnered with many different organizations to help improve MSU’s diversion rates, while also helping those organizations improve the well-being of the local community. Such organizations include MSU Safe Space, MSU Food Bank, the Salvation Army, Better World Books, Saint Vincent de Paul, and Lansing Teen Challenge.

Programs like Pack Up. Pitch In. Help Out. are what separate MSU from other universities; our community is truly passionate about world issues and are putting forth the effort to make a real difference!

If you have questions about Pack Up. Pitch In. Help Out. please shoot us an email at You can also talk to your facilities manager in your hall if you have anything you want to donate.


Cole Gude

MSU Culinary Services Sustainability Officer   

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