Students and staff line up for MSU's food truck, Eat At State On-The-Go

MSU Introduces Campus Food Truck: Eat at State On-the-Go

By Paige Bolen

“Wow! That was good,” said PhD student Stefan Fletcher as he took the first bite of a smoked cheddar cheeseburger from MSU’s new food truck, Eat at State On-the Go. Many students like Fletcher, are becoming acquainted with Culinary Services newest convenient dining option.

“Food helps build community, and that’s exactly what our new food truck will be doing on campus,” said Guy Procopio, director for MSU Culinary Services. “It’s going to make Eating at State more portable and convenient. We’re constantly looking at creative ways to enhance and support our community without necessarily relying on traditional food services, which is what we’ve done with Eat at State On-the-Go.”

The truck will be serving a menu full of local and campus ingredients; everything from cheese from the MSU Dairy Store, campus-raised beef, greens grown at the MSU Student Organic Farm and desserts from the MSU Bakers to locally baked bread from Breadsmith Artisan Bread Bakery of Okemos, Mich.

“The inspiration kind of came from trying to keep things local and still keep in mind what our primary guests like to eat so trying to keep it more about flavor, fun and as local as possible,” said Kurt Kwiatkowski, corporate chef for MSU Culinary Services. “It’s also a concept of everything being minimized. It’s like a mini kitchen on wheels.”
Eat at State On-the-Go is located north of Shaw Hall near the Red Cedar River on MSU’s campus from 11 a.m. – 4 p.m. daily during fall semester while Shaw Dining Hall is under construction. The food truck will also be serving at fall football games. Beginning spring semester 2013, the food truck will be moving to different campus locations.
“I love it,” said Lyman Briggs biochemistry junior Andrew Stone. “I have classes right around Shaw, and now that the dining hall is shut down, it’s a lot easier to just go to the food truck then try to trek back to Holmes or go over to South Neighborhood, so I enjoy the convenience.”

This past summer, Eat at State social media followers gave their input in naming the truck. The three top names, Green Machine, ST82PL8 and Go Green Cuisine, were added into the designed graphic wrapping on the truck. Guests can “follow” the food truck and find out more about campus dining through “Eat at State” on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. They can also follow it in person:

“This is probably my third time here this week and I just found out about it on Monday,” said Andrew Kolpacki, a kinesiology junior.