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Go Green! Go White! Go Follow!

Staying connected with all that goes on here at MSU can be a challenge but don’t worry there is an easier way! There are a ton of social media accounts that can provide you with all things MSU! For example, each year there is a new Facebook page created for the newly admitted class, this year would be Michigan State University class of 2018. This page is a good way to meet a lot of newcomers just like yourself, which can come in handy when you are looking for an AOP buddy or someone who will be living in the same dorm as you!

There is a social media webpage for just about anything: clubs, organizations, your individual colleges, Eat At State, Live On and the list continues. I have provided you with a list of just a few social media webpages of interest that you should follow!

Michigan State University: Stay connected with what goes on throughout the whole university, your admissions class and everything green!


Eat At State: Always know what’s going on in your dining halls and what Eat At State is cooking up for you!



MSU Today: Want to know what’s going on in the MSU community? MSU Today keeps you updated with anything and everything news-related when it comes to MSU.

MSU Archives: Archives provides a look at MSU and how it’s changed over the years (Wait until you see the old Sparty!) with interesting “throwback” pictures and historical facts.


MSU Impact Sports: MSU sports brought to you by the student radio station, Impact 89 FM (channel 88.9 FM).

The State News: For coverage on what’s happening around the East Lansing area, follow The State News, Michigan State University’s independent voice.

MSU Bikes: Arguably the best way to get around MSU’s campus, MSU Bikes keeps you up to date on everything bike related.

Spartan Football: For anything and everything MSU football-related.

Spartan Basketball: All things MSU basketball-related.

Big Ten Network: To stay on top of B1G action and to see how MSU stacks up against the rest, check out the Big Ten Network


Lansing State Journal: The major newspaper in Lansing, serving the greater Lansing area

Joe Rexrode: The MSU football and basketball beat reporter for the Detroit Free Press, Rexrode is one of the best at covering MSU sports.

Mike Sadler: Punter for the MSU football team, Ph. D. candidate and Rhodes Scholar hopeful, Sadler has a knack for hilarious tweets.

There are many other pages that you can follow to help stay on top of all things Green and White. Visit for a listing of all MSU social media accounts. So Go Green! Go White! And Go follow us!!