Group of students in the residence hall

Get Involved In Your Residence Hall!

It’s no myth that Michigan State University is a huge place. It’s easy to get lost in it- (literally and metaphorically). That’s why it’s great to find your place here, and have a network to rely on. One of the best ways to create that is by joining a club or organization here on campus and you can do this without needing to leaving your neighborhood!

Thanks to Engagement Centers, many of these groups are just a few steps away from your residence hall and some are even located within your hall. Every residence hall features groups such as hall governments, M-RULE (Multi-Racial Unity Living Experience), and LGBT & Black Caucuses. With regular meetings and events, you are sure to meet new friends in your neighborhood.

Not only is joining a student organization on campus a great way to meet lots of new friends- but it’s also a wonderful way to stay involved in your community! Whatever community you associate with; you have a voice and the power to make a difference. Because- Spartans Will.

For a list of all registered student organizations, visit You can also find out about the different in-hall groups by checking the bulletin boards near the Service Center desks or by asking your Resident Assitant.