University Village Apartments

Free Laundry Expanded to University Village Apartments

Good news for University Village residents! Free, unlimited laundry has been expanded to University Village Apartments! This new convenience is just one of the many perks that accompanies living on campus at Michigan State University. It is Residence Education and Housing Services’ goal to make students’ lives as easy, cost-effective, and stress-free as possible during their journey to graduation.

To activate the washers and dryers, residents will need their MSU student ID card.  Detailed instructions will also be posted in the laundry facility. Students can address any questions to the University Village Service Center.

Be sure to connect with MSU Live On via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. University Village residents, use #SpartansLiveOn to let us know how you plan to use the money you will save now that laundry is free!

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Go green, go white, and go free laundry!