They Answered The Call. Will You?

Last semester you may have seen the posters and images around campus encouraging you to sign up for a chance to win an Apple Watch. We wanted students to share their reasons for living on campus and the experiences they've had to date. We chose one lucky student to win their own Apple Watch and a few more to be featured this semester. They answered the call to live on campus and these are some of their stories!

NAJMA: East Neighborhood Resident

In her words: "It is convenient, comfortable and it makes sense."

"I’m Najma and I’m a first year student living in East neighborhood. I live on campus because it is convenient, comfortable and it makes sense. All the resources are right where I need them to be. In my neighborhood, there’s a resource center, I have medical centers, probably the best Sparty’s on campus, and Akers is right across the way if I need a good dining hall."


RYAN: Brody Neighborhood Resident 

In his words: "I’ve made so many friends from different backgrounds and who have different interests than me."

"Living on campus has benefitted me in so many ways. Not only do I live near my classes and the dining halls, but there are so many resources available right in my neighborhood: academic advising, tutoring and even a health clinic! Also, living in the residence halls has given me the chance to make so many friends from different backgrounds and who have different interests than me. Living with so many people my own age means there is always somebody around to do something with, so you never get bored."

TYLER: 1855 Place Resident

In his words: "Because the apartments are still connected to campus, I’m still connected to campus."

"I am a senior here at Michigan State University and this is my fourth year living here on campus. I enjoy living here on-campus, specifically at the 1855 place because their apartments are still connected to campus, which means I’m still connected to campus. I’m still able to go to the events, go to the football games and walk to the tailgates. I can get up and just walk to class. It’s really convenient. I enjoy all of the resources that come with that, including the writing resource center, the math learning center, the Learning Resources Center, the advisors and just all of the assistance that comes with living on campus on top of the fact that I also enjoy not having to pay bills. So that’s a plus."


HADIYA: North Neighborhood Resident

In her words: "I have lived on campus since my freshman year and love the proximity to my classes."

"I am a part of the Class of 2019, live in North Neighborhood and love to befriend squirrels! I have lived on campus since my freshman year and love the proximity to my classes. All of my classes for this semester are less than five minutes away from my hall. As a violin performance major and piano minor, I want to have access to the arts as much as possible. With the Wharton Center and the Broad Art Museum close by, I am able to have exposure to new artists and various opportunities for inspiration! The food options on-campus are limitless. The dining halls are perfect for grabbing a bite to eat before class or chatting with friends over a relaxed lunch. One of my favorite places to study is the library. The views of the campus are wonderful for a writing session, and a quick coffee from the Cyber Cafe helps with late studying. I love Living On at Michigan State!"


CHAYSE: East Neighborhood 

In her words: "I have loved living on campus so far, especially as a philosophy and political science pre-law major. It’s given me the ability to get to my classes easily. I went in completely blind at first, which terrified me but then I ended up meeting some of my best friends at State living on campus."

"In addition, I have access to all the dining halls and Combo-X-Change, which is the best thing hands down about living on campus. You can also get medical access as well as a million resources for helping you become a more successful student and making sure you can really fulfill that Spartan role. Not only that, you can get to gyms on campus just down the street. There are always treadmills in the basement, there are areas for you to work and study with other people and you can print out your notes. Anything you need is on State’s campus."



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