Employment at MSU

Need to earn some extra money during the school year?  If you answered “yes” to this question, you might want to consider a part-time job.  Luckily, there are tons of opportunities located right on campus.

In fact, over 17,000 students work at MSU every year.  Typical student jobs include cashiers, computer assistants, food-service workers, graphic artists, laboratory attendants, research aides, tutors and writers.  In addition, students are employed by over 300 departments, including Residential & Hospitality Services (RHS), Dining Halls, Sparty’s Cafes, Spartan Signature Catering, Residence Education & Housing Services (REHS), Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center, MSU Police, and many more.

Most job opportunities are posted on Handshake or the RHS Student Employment page.  All listings include a job description, responsibilities and duties of the position, hours, rate of pay and person to contact.  Upon hiring, on-campus student employees are limited to 29 hours per week during the academic year.  During the semester breaks and summer semester, students can work up to 40 hours per week.

In addition to earning money, students who work part-time establish a work record, develop workplace skills, gain valuable experience and practice using time management skills.  Students who work also tend to have a higher GPA and perform better academically than those who do not. 

Mostly importantly, students who work on campus make a positive contribution to the MSU community.

For more information about on-campus employment, visit https://rhs-msu.peopleadmin.com/ or https://msu.joinhandshake.com/login.