Campus Called. Sariah Answered.

Meet Sariah:

Live On: Why do you choose to live on campus?

“I chose to live on because I want to be around everyone. I have a job on campus, so it’s more beneficial for me, and it’s a more enjoyable experience to be around the things I utilize every day — the classrooms, professors and computer labs. It just makes more sense for me to be on campus at the moment."

Live On: What are you most proud of on campus?

“I utilize a lot of the spaces in my hall. I helped start a couple clubs in the last few years, and those have always been our meeting spaces. MSU PeaceJam brought in local Lansing activists and student artists to perform in between speeches and it kind of just brought together two different kinds of activism from two different generations for a bunch of the students in the [Residential College of Arts and Humanities] RCAH to be able to experience together."

Live On: What do you love about campus?

“I love how the classrooms are so accessible. It makes it possible for a groups to have movie screenings and discussions and things that make us feel like we can impact the world through education, which is really empowering for me.”

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