Campus Called. Kamille Answered.

Meet Kamille:

Live On: What was the most valuable part of living on campus?

“I think everyone goes through that patch when you’re a freshman and you’re like, ‘What am I doing?’ There are a lot of resources that helped me move on from that and start to really love being here. I had an amazing RA. She was always there for any questions or concerns or just to talk. In that point in my life I definitely needed that, and she made me feel very comfortable the second I met her.

Live On: What made your experience on campus great?

“Every year since, I’ve always met great people on my floor and in West Circle. The neighborhoods, for me, helped make it seem like MSU isn’t this giant school, because sometimes it can be a little overwhelming.

Live On: How has living on campus helped you?

“Living on campus has really helped me academically because of the resources being so close. When you walk five minutes to the library, you realize it’s so doable and then all the resources are right there.”


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