Campus Called. Jamone Answered.

Meet Jamone:

Live On: Why did you choose to return to living on campus?

“I lived off campus. Now for my senior year, I’m back because it’s more convenient living right next door to the College of Business.

Live On: How has living on campus helped you?

“I’m a library person. And I’ve made use of the engagement center tutoring sessions for my accounting classes, econ and math 103. Being engaged in those types of services while they’re free on campus is something every student should do. They are there to help you. I use them a lot.

Live On: What is your favorite part about living on campus?

“It’s just a two or three minute walk. Living on campus has helped me connect to the MSU community. Attending UAB and sports events, I met new people. From tutoring to the libraries to events – everything is walking distance or a short bus ride. You can’t really get that being off campus.”


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