What if I have additional housing needs that require accommodation?

Residence Education and Housing Services recognizes that some students may need additional consideration and/or accommodation in their housing assignments; thus, MSU offers Flexible Housing options.

Flexible Housing provides an option that allows students to select roommates without regard to gender. Flexible housing is an option that primarily aims to benefit students who wish to live with family members; students who have disabilities that may require them to live with a caretaker; or students who simply feel more comfortable living in a mixed gender environment.  MSU offers flexible housing options within most residential living facilities on campus. Students can request a Flexible Housing arrangement on a limited, opt-in basis only. Students who choose to live in Flexible Housing in a single room will be charged the single room rate.

For students wishing to live in a Flexible Housing arrangement with a roommate, students may choose to be randomly housed with another Flexible Housing student or may identify another student who has agreed to live in the Flexible Housing arrangement.