Does my residence hall have Wi-Fi?

MSU provides Wi-Fi in common areas and classroom spaces in all residence halls. All residence hall rooms are Wi-Fi ready. Some residence halls provide wireless network service throughout the building, including student rooms, while others require residents to bring their own wireless access points. Access points are available at the MSU Computer Store or other retail outlets. 

Current residence halls with Wi-Fi throughout the buildings include:

  • Akers
  • Butterfield
  • Case
  • Emmons
  • Holden 
  • Holmes
  • Hubbard 
  • Landon
  • McDonel
  • Phillips 
  • Rather
  • Shaw
  • Snyder
  • Wilson

1855 Place and University Village apartments also have in-room Wi-Fi. For detailed information on setting up wireless access points in residence hall rooms, visit MSU IT at