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REAL Talk is a series of leadership workshops focused on YOU, the leader! Being a leader doesn’t necessarily mean you are the president of an organization. Leadership is so much BIGGER! Leadership is the small things you do every day to contribute to a better world! Do you want to improve your leadership skills? REAL Talk is for YOU! Do you want to be a better group member in class projects? REAL Talk is for YOU! Do you want to be the best friend you can be? REAL Talk is for YOU! Catching on? REAL Talk is for everyone because leadership is for everyone! Keep scrolling--there is something REAL here for you!


What is each workshop about?

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Spring 2017

Leading from Your Own Corner - Leaders are often expected to prioritize others' needs ahead of their own. Sound familiar? Come to this interactive workshop to learn why it is even more important to put yourself and your wellness first. 

The Value in Another’s Story - Participants will explore the value of diversity in leadership through Chimimanda Adichie's Ted Talk "The Danger of a Single Story".

Shut Up and Talk with Me - Getting REAL about Communication - Communication is always listed as one of the best qualities of great leaders, but why is communication so difficult sometimes? Attend this REAL Talk to learn the art of effective communication. 

Feedback at its Finest: Eating it Up and Dishing it Out - Giving and receiving feedback is crucial to a leader's and group's success, but is commonly avoided. Why is that? Come to this session to find out how to 'eat up' and 'dish out' feedback in a constructive way! 

Let’s Get Ethical - Being an ethical leader is easy right? Maybe not. Join us for this REAL Talk to explore ethical leadership and why it isn't as simple as it sounds. 

Leadership is a Team Sport: How to Build a Winning Team - Join us in this session to learn how to build a productive and effective team that complements who you are as a leader.


Fall 2016 

Leadership for REAL - Who are YOU as a leader? - Join us to dig deeper into who you are as a leader. What are you good at? What could you improve on?  You will leave this interactive session jazzed about leadership and, more importantly, jazzed about YOU!

The Value of Value-Able Leader - Ever wonder why you act the way you do in certain situations? I’ll give you a hint - it’s your values! Knowing your values, how to talk about them, and how to lead with them make you an even more valuable leader in class, in organizations, and even amongst your friends! Come find out how to be a value-able leader!

Motivating on UP! - Want to move on up? First, you need to motivate on up! Understanding your motivators and others motivators will help move you and others around you UP! Once you figure this motivation thing out, you and your posse will be unstoppable! 

SMART Goals: Not so SMART After All! - Ever set a DUMB goal? Of course not! Check out this workshop to learn why setting DUMB goals will be the smartest thing you’ve done in a while.

The Good, The Bad, and The Gritty - Leadership (and life) is full of the good, the bad and the ugly. During this workshop, you will learn how grit can help you take it all in stride.

Yes? No? Maybe? Leading Outside the Gray - Decision-making is one of the most important tasks a leader undertakes, so why can it be so hard sometimes? Join us at this workshop to learn how to break through that difficulty and be confident in the decisions you make as a leader. 


When and where is REAL Talk?

Tuesdays, 7:00pm—Hubbard G31

Wednesdays, 5:00pm —Holden C131

Thursdays, 3:00pm—Brody 138

Fridays, 11:30am —Brody 134

Each workshop is 75 minutes long. Click here for specific dates.  



REAL Talk facilitators are professionals from across campus. At REAL Talk, you are able to connect with professionals you might not get to know otherwise. Our facilitators are graduate students and full time professionals from residence education and housing services, student affairs, and the union. 


Come to 10 or more REAL Talks, serve at Spartan Day of Service and write a rockin’ reflection essay and you could be selected to head to Orlando, FL for the 2017 LEAD365 Conference.

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