Residence Hall Questions

Are the residence halls air conditioned?

Van Hoosen Hall, University Village Apartments and 1855 Place are air conditioned.

If you are assigned to any other on-campus housing location, we strongly suggest you bring a fan. Personal air conditioners are permitted for medical reasons only and require approval in advance. Requests are coordinated through the Housing Assignments Office, with final approval needed from the University Physician. To request an air conditioner, please complete the medical records authorization form with your medical provider contact information. 

If approved by the University Physician’s Office, air-conditioning units are provided by your neighborhood facilities departments.  Installation is completed by a MSU-authorized maintenance personnel. 

For more information, please contact the Housing Assignments Office at by email at or by phone at 517-884-5483.

Can I build a loft?

Lofts are not permitted as all residence hall rooms have modular elevated beds provided. This furniture also allows students to reconfigure their rooms as needed.

Do I need to bring a vacuum cleaner?

Vacuum cleaners are available at the service centers in the residence halls that residents can check out when needed.

How do I set up my cable TV?

Both new and returning students will need to rescan their televisions before taking advantage of the new channel lineup.

How to hook up your television

  1. Connect the coax cables
    1. Digital-ready television: Simply connect the coax cable from your TV to the cable outlet. Make sure both ends are tight. You must use coax cords with screw on connectors as to not cause RF leakage.
    2. Non-digital television with a converter box 
      1. Connect the coax cable to the converter box.
      2. Connect the other end to the cable outlet.
      3. Make sure both ends are tight. You must use coax cords with screw-on connectors as to not cause RF leakage.
      4. Insert the output plug of the converter box into your television's "video" or "game" input.
  2. Reprogram the television
    1. Turn the television on and go to the menu. 
    2. Select “rescan" or "reprogram." Make sure to select “cable” mode. 
    3. Wait for the scanning to complete. This process can take up to 15 minutes depending on the brand of television. 
    4. When scanning finishes, you should see more than 100 digital channels.
  3. Tune in to an HD channel
    1. Example type 19.1 (“1” “9” “.” “1”) on the remote to get to a digital HD channel.

For more information about the new lineup and to find answers to cable-related questions, visit

View a list of recommended sustainable appliances and electronics to bring with you to campus.

Is storage available for my belongings over the summer?

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® will be helping with MSU student move out this spring. We will be offering a student package for summer storage which will include 5 large boxes, 1 roll of packing tape, a marker and 3 bulky items. For more information visit

What appliances are allowed in residence halls?

Mini-refrigerators are not to exceed 5 cubic ft.  Compact microwaves should not exceed .9 cubic ft.  It is strongly recommended that all appliances be Energy Star rated.

You can pre-order Energy Star®-rated microfridges, futons and personal safes from 

View a list of recommended sustainable appliances and electronics to bring with you to campus.

What can I recycle?

MSU offers a comprehensive recycling program in the residence halls. Materials collected include:

  • White and Mixed paper
  • Newspaper
  • Cardboard and Boxboard
  • Magazines, books, catalogs, directories
  • Plastics #1 - #7
  • Household metal

Recycling centers are generally found in building lobbies. For more information on what can be recycled, visit

What is a quiet floor?

All our residence hall communities maintain courtesy hours and a student’s primary right in the residence halls is the ability to sleep and study. There are quiet floors that go beyond the above standard and expect the members of the community to have the right to sleep, study and otherwise engage in activities free from the noise of others. It is important to understand that these are predetermined communities and the residents of these communities are expected to live by the stated standards.

What is alcohol-free space?

All our residence halls abide by and enforce state laws regarding alcohol.  However, alcohol free spaces are predetermined communities/rooms that require residents living in them to abstain from using alcohol in the community or to return to the community intoxicated regardless of age.  

What size carpet should I buy?

Carpet sizes vary by residence hall. Here are guidelines for use when making purchases:

Akers Bedroom: 6'7" x 15'
Akers Living Room: 9'5" x 10'
Armstrong: 12' x 12'
Campbell: 9' x 12'
Case: 11' x 11'
Emmons, Rather, Bailey, Bryan, Butterfield: 12' x 12'
Holden: 11' x 12'
Holmes: 11' x 12'
Hubbard: 11' x 12'
Landon: 9' x 12'
Mason/Abbot: 10' x 12'
Mayo: 9' x 12'
McDonel: 11' x 10'
Owen:  8’ X 10’
Shaw: 11' x 12'
Snyder/Phillips: 10' x 12'
University Village Apt: 6' x 9'
Van Hoosen: Apartments are carpeted
Williams: 10' x 12'
Wilson: 11' x 12'
Wonders: 11' x 12'
Yakeley/Gilchrist: 9' x 12'

We encourage everyone to purchase carpeting that has a finished banded edge to prevent tripping as carpet tape is not allowed in the residence halls.

Carpet orders are available through the University Activities Board with convenient move-in day pick-up locations in each neighborhood. For more information on what options are available, visit

What size futon fits under our modular beds?

A standard size futon that is less than 80 inches wide will fit underneath our modular beds. Most futons on the market today are approximately 75 inches wide.

What size sheets should I buy?

Residence hall beds require twin extra-long, 80" sheets. Each traditional residence hall provides a linen package for each student upon request at the service centers. This white linen package includes twin, extra-long sheets, a pillow case and two towels. The linen package can be exchanged weekly for clean linen at no additional cost. If you would like to purchase colored sheets, they are also available in many retail stores. The University Activities Board also coordinates a linen sale as a fundraiser to raise money for free weekend and evening events for students. For more information, visit

Where are the laundry facilities located?

Laundry facilities are located in each residence hall building, including the University Village Apartments.  Van Hoosen apartment residents may use the Owen Hall laundry room.

Students who live on campus in the residence halls at Michigan State University will enjoy a new amenity starting this summer — free, unlimited laundry in all on-campus residence halls.

There are two coin only Laundromats located in Spartan Village. 

Should I purchase renter's insurance?

The University DOES NOT accept liability for the theft or loss of money, property, valuables, damages to any resident's property or personal injury sustained in the residence hall. It is recommended that students either carry his or her own personal property insurance or determine if property loss is covered by their parents' homeowner's policy. In addition, students are urged to put proper identification on his or her valuables, and keep a list of them with descriptive information, model numbers, and serial numbers. Make a copy of the list and keep one at home.

Can I request a water filter for residence hall suite or apartment?

Each year, Michigan State University’s water is tested. The results are included in an annual Water Quality Report. For more information, the report is available at:

Before you invest in a water filter, we recommend that you try out the water once you get to campus. If you and your roommates decide that you would like a water filter installed in your residence hall suite or apartment, you will need to purchase the filter and submit a maintenance request for the REHS Facilities team to install it.

Can I upgrade my cable services?

 Yes.  You can add premium channels from XFINITY® like HBO®, Cinemax®, Showtime® and The Movie Channel®.  You can also add a DVR to your room so that you can record your favorite shows and watch them on your own time.  Go to the IPF website and complete the ‘Comcast Service Upgrade’ request form.  An XFINITY® representative will contact you within a few days to schedule your services.

Does my residence hall have Wi-Fi?

New for Fall 2018: All residence hall rooms will have access to MSU Wi-Fi!

Permanent Wi-Fi in residence hall rooms means there is no longer a need to supply a personal router to create a Wi-Fi signal, improving coverage and service. It’s faster, more secure and helps our residents focus on their academic success.

MSU also provides Wi-Fi in common areas and classroom spaces in all residence halls.

1855 Place and University Village apartments also have in-room Wi-Fi.

How can I control the heat in my residence hall?

When temperatures drop below 50 degrees, pumps that provide heat to the rooms automatically turn on. Inside each room in the residence halls, the amount of heat can be controlled by opening/closing the vents, using the attached knob or chain. If you are unable to locate the vents or need assistance, contact your hall’s service center.

How do I submit an online maintenance request?

There are times when a maintence request needs to be submitted for something to be fixed in your room. When this is the case log into your iLiveOn account. Once logged in you will see "Request Maintenance" on the botton of the left side of the page. Click here and follow instructions for submitting the request. The facilities team of the building will then be notified and will contact you shortly thereafter.