I have been contacted to participate in a Census Bureau Survey. Is this typical for college students?

As a large, public institution situated in East Lansing, Michigan, students are randomly selected to participate in important and confidential Census Bureau surveys.  In accordance with strict United States Census Bureau guidelines and federal law (Title 13, U.S. code), a small sample of Michigan State University Residence Halls’ residents is periodically interviewed by a trained and fully credentialed Census Bureau Field Representative.

Census Bureau Research is an indispensable tool for policy makers who need to make informed decisions and scholars who need to gather and analyze accurate data.  Results help determine how federal and state funds are distributed to colleges and universities, municipalities and programs.

To protect privacy and remain in accordance with strict laws protecting respondent privacy, Census Bureau staff does not conduct surveys via email or identify the survey for which you have been selected. For more information, visit www.census.gov