How to Apply for Graduate Assistantship Positions

Spartan Village Community Coordinator Selection Timeline

  • January 26:  Application opens (see below about how to apply)
  • February 23:  DEADLINE - Application submitted in eRezlife with a Resume is required. Application will close at midnight on the 23rd.
  • February 24-27:  Applications reviewed and selected candidates will be contacted for interview.
  • March 2 - 6:  Interviews occur
  • March 9:  Offers Out
  • March 16:  Candidates accept or decline offer
  • May 11-15:  Training
  • August 17-28 Training before Fall opening

Graduate Assistant Application for 2015-16 Positions 

Application now closed for 2015-16 positions.

  • December:  Application opened
  • January 5, 2015: DEADLINE - Application, resume and cover letter.  (Note: You may apply even though you have not heard if you have been admitted to your academic department. Application to your graduate program is made separately directly to your department)
  • End of January:  Candidates receive notification of status
  • February 13:  Interviews take place for candidates applying for any MSU graduate program 
  • February 20:  Interviews take place for candidates in Master’s in Student Affairs Administration
  • End of February:  First round offers made
  • Mid to late March through August: Interviews and offers made as late vacancies occur


How to Apply Instructions

Application for Spartan Village Community Coordinator will open January 26.

1.  Follow this link:

2.  Create an account:

Enter your name, PID (if an MSU Student), and email address
You will receive an email asking you to log in within 24 hours to receive account details
You will then receive another email with your log in info; follow instructions

3.  Enter your login info

4.  Once logged in, you will see a blue panel on the left. 

5.  Click on My Job Profile and compete the blank questions.  (Please be sure to include the A when filling out your PID if you are an MSU student). Click Save when done.

6.  Click on Job Profile Questions. Please fill out these questions; some are optional. Click save.

7.  Next, click Job Postings; then the position(s) you wish to apply for.  Each position has a separate short application. 

8.  Click the Apply Now button. Fill out all of the information carefully.  Hit Save.

9.  Next, at the top of the screen, you will see a Supporting Docs button... click on that button. 

10.  Click Add new resume; click upload and browse to find your resume. Then click Save Resume Button. You may have different resumes on file for different positions.  Select the resume you wish to have viewable for the position you are applying for.

11.  Click Upload Cover Letter; Browse and select your cover letter. Click Save Cover Letter button.

12. Next, Enter a name, Email address and Phone number for your reference.  They will be sent an email asking them to upload a letter of reference for you.  If your reference does not upload a letter by the due date, your resume will still be considered as we move ahead to review applications.

13. Click Save.

14.  Next, at the top of the screen, click the Submit button.  Click the Box next to the statement “By checking off this item, I declare that I understand and agree to the following:”

You know that everything has been submitted when you get the green circle with the checkmark in it on the upper right corner of the screen. 

15.  Community Coordinator applications are due by February 23, 2015. You may be able to update or edit your application up to that date.  We will begin reviewing applications after that date has passed.

If you have questions, feel free to call Karen Stowell at 517-432-2503, or